Sports and Games Activities

Our own Swamiji opined that playing football is better than reading the Mahabharata. In ancient Buddhist viharas, they used to teach the students martial arts. “It is exercise alone that supports these spirits and keeps the mind in vigour.” This is a famous quote by Cicero. An educational institute is a place for the growth of the mind. But, as the leaf cannot produce food without a healthy root sucking water from the mud, a sound and peaceful mind cannot exist without a healthy body. Moreover, the way India is shining in sports and athletics it is the duty of any educational institution to encourage its students to continue the legacy. Keeping this in mind our college encourages the students irrespective of their gender to practice and participate in sports activities and physical education.

The new generation is a couch-friendly generation. Addiction to mobile and computer games has reduced the attraction to outdoor sports activities significantly. Obesity is growing at large and creating a diabetic generation. Even teenage students are staying at home stuck to the mobile or computer screen and developing heart disease due to a lack of physical activities. Moreover, the rat race for a white-collar job makes parents blind and they forget that a healthy body is needed for a sound receptive mind.

Mankar College has always kept faith in the traditional teachings of great teachers and philosophers. It believes that students must be engaged in sports for their own benefit. It makes them healthy and teaches them team spirit, bonding and focusing on the goal. Also, it helps them to continue the legacy of the great sportsmen and athletes of the nation. The college believes that traditional bookish education is not the only way to prove and establish oneself. One may establish oneself as a sportsperson, like Karnam Malleswari or P.T. Usha. Even it may fetch him/ her a good job at a reputed organisation. Thus, the college encourages sports and physical education among the students.

The Practice:

  • We are organising annual sports on regular basis.
  • We participate in inter-college, district-level, state level and national sports and athletics events on regular basis.
  • Dedicated sports instructors are regularly involved in honing the sports and athletic skills of the students.
  • Physical Education has been introduced as a subject in college.
  • The teachers even train the students outside the college hour if needed.
  • The college also tries to look after the other needs of the athletes so that they can concentrate on their activities wholeheartedly.
  • The college has also taken care of the preparation of a sports ground and gym for boys and girls.


The taste of the fruit only speaks for the growth of the tree. The way our college has performed and achieved in several sports competitions in the last few years, speaks for the success of the practice of encouraging sports and physical education. The achievements of this session are mentioned below.

  • In the year 2016 the college had received 2 prizes. Ankit Tiwari got the third position in the Inter College district meet organised by the DPI. in the same event in female section Priyanka Das got the second position in javelin throw.
  • In the 2017-18 session Mankar College achieved the summit position in Inter College District Championship (DPI) in the men’s section. In the same session, the college won the Inter College Kabaddi Tournament (B.U) in the men’s section. Six athletes including two female athletes have achieved positions inter-college and district-level meets in the 2017-18 session. They have received 17 medals among which there are 7 golds. Partha Das, our student, participated in the long jump in the All-India Inter-University Athletics Meet in the 2017-18 session.
  • In the year 2018-19, and 2019-20 five students from the college, namely, Partho Das, Rahul Modak, Souvik Shyam, Deep Roy & Madan gope had achieved several positions in several district level and state level athletic competitions.
  • In the 2020-21session the men’s Kabaddi team of the college got the second position in the tournament organised by the Burdwan University Sports Board.
  • The girls received 2nd position in the 100mts run and 1st position in the long jump in the University Sports Competition.
  • From the boys, we also have the 3rd position in the 200mts race in the University Sports Competition.