Department of Physics

The department was established in the year 2000 to provide opportunity for higher education in physical science to the students coming from rural and economically poor background. Physics is a branch of science based on experimental observation. The acquaintance with physics helps to realize the working principles of many of our daily appliances. The beauty of physics lies in the simplicity of the fundamental physical theories.

The department has got well equipped laboratories and the classrooms have been improved with teaching aids like charts, slide projectors and computers.

At present the B.Sc(Gen) Course in Physics ,offered by the University of Burdwan,is mostly application oriented and acceptable to the industry. A considerable number of graduates from our department are well settled.

Objective of the department:

Physics has a profound effect on all scientific developments.It is the present-day equivalent to “natural philosophy” from which most of our modern sciences arose. Being a description of nature, physics has been our best friend from the very day of human existence. The basic aim of Physics teaching is to let the students know and understand the principles and their applications in real life.

Establishment Year: 2000

Course: Physics General

Intake Capacity:

Gen. SC. ST. OBC-A OBC-B Total
22 9 2 4 3 40


Full Time Teacher: 01

State Aided College Teacher : 01

Laboratory Attendant : 01

Laboratory: Physics Laboratory has Well-equipped with

  • Mechanical Practical Instrument
  • Electrical Practical Instrument
  • Thermal Practical Instrument
  • Optical Practical Instrument
  • Computer with Internet Facility
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